Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh Minerva! Another food blog?

The one thing about blogs is that it now gives everyone their Warholian 15 minutes of fame. Or in some cases, barely 15 seconds. I'm confused. At one time, you jealously hid your diary away from prying eyes (espcially your parents) less they found out that you had some sick perverted fantasy over Cyndi Lauper..but now, hey, everyone is happy to tell the world that they like dressing up as a pizza delivery guy and starring in their own grainy handycam movie (complete with heavy '70's bass - wacka-wacka-wacka!)

Anyway, food blogs dominate. I suppose because..well, people eat. And they like telling you about what they ate. People like food. People like sex too but there are more than a few who I would prefer they keep their commentaries to themselves. But a new restaurant, hey, I'm up for that

So, when my good buddy, whom I'll call "The Guvnor" (as he wants to seriously remain anonymous)asked me to write a food blog; I said "Great, another one to match the 15 Gajillions out there." So, he said, why don't you write a blog critiqing food reviews?, that's an idea.

But the more I thought about it, the more I decided to go with this concept:

Schadenfreude on Toast will comment on food programmes, food personalities and if I have time...the food itself. I mean, come on, who needs another frakking review of that noodle place down the road followed by a 3.2 megapixel shot with a handphone to accompany it? But I love taking the piss out of people. I can't do it on my Christian blog as I have to play nice and the kiddies are reading :-)

Along the journey, I'll take and make references to the two people who I regard as my Master Po's to my Kwai Chung Kane. One is "The Guvnor" and the other is my brother, whom I'll call "Dr Bones". Bpth have had incredible impacts on my culinary growth and I'm sure they'll continue to do so (Although I do worry about Dr Bone's predilection for Aussie Burgers)

So, here it is. If you ever wanted to lay waste to the whitest black guy I ever saw on "License to Grill" or comment on Anna Olsen's two pound cakes this is the blog for you.

Welcome Home.

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